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Get Your Home Repaired Through Handyman Services Near You In Willis

written by Nathan Robinson January 25, 2023
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For many of us moving into a new home can be a major life event in many different ways—family upheaval, unpacking, making a home out of a house, and more. It can be tough figuring out where to start and which items on the to-do list need your urgent attention, so we have listed 10 projects for you that you will confront in your first month. As many of these might require an expert to work on, make sure to search for handyman services near me in Willis.

  1. Change the air and furnace filters – If possible, basic air and furnace filters are advised to be changed every three months, and because you don’t have any idea about the last time the filters in your new house were replaced, it’s a good idea to replace them shortly after you move in.
  2. Drape your window coverings – When you are shaping and designing your new home, selecting and hanging the correct window coverings is a must to tie a room together and secure privacy.
  3. Swap your smoke detectors and not just the batteries – Smoke detectors need to be replaced every ten years, and a good place to start with your home repairs is to replace all the smoke detectors in your new house.
  4. Change the locks on your home – You can never be sure of how many people have copies of keys to your new house, so we recommend consulting with handyman services near me in Willis to get your locks changed at the earliest.
  5. Check your circuit breakers and ensure they are labeled accordingly – While checking the circuit breakers was probably part of the inspection before you finalized your house, you might want to test them again after you have moved in. Use some masking tape to label the function of each switch.
  6. Install closet systems – Before you unpack everything, it is helpful to call-in local handyman repair services to hang shelves to make sure you can make the most of your closet space.
  7. Test the insulation in your attic and add more if needed – Not much insulation? Add more insulation to ensure the efficiency of your furnace and central air unit.
  8. Install ceiling fans – The airflow provided by ceiling fans can make or break a home’s electric consumption, so installing power-efficient ceiling fans with good airflow is a must.
  9. Replace any old spouts and showerheads – Begin new with sparkling new spouts and showerheads free of rust, soap scum, and leakages.
  10. Update your cabinet hardware – Another option to avoid completely replacing your kitchen cabinets is giving them some paint and a new set of hardware that makes your home feel more like your

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