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A new form of currency has been growing by leaps and bounds in the world. They are not backed by central banks or states, but they already move billions of dollars. It is about cryptocurrencies, algorithms that are used as currency in cyberspace. The most famous is Bitcoin, but there are between 700 and 900 more.In addition to Bitcoin, there are between 700 and 900 virtual currencies circulating.Visit this site for btc to php.

At first, they were a typical form of payment among hackers and computer engineers. A safe technique to make your transactions in the digital world without using a currency of any country and without going through a government supervisor. But not anymore. Now they are used by ordinary citizens and investors who have found a “high risk” way to increase their capital.


Today a bitcoin could be bought for US $ 2,612. It is the most valuable and popular cryptocurrency. There are 16.4 million units in circulation (765 thousand were purchased in the last 24 hours). In total, its market value is $ 42,888,341,486. Click here for btc to php.


It is the second most popular. It is fashionable, but it is worth ten times less than Bitcoin and in recent days it has been on the decline. Today it was traded at $ 271 and has a total market value of $ 25,244,123,967.


It is the third most popular today. In total there is an equivalent to $ 9,753,505,715. Its last price was just US $ 0.25.


Litecoin is the daughter of the MIT free software community as an alternative to Bitcoin. Its unit price is US $ 51.3. In total, the market has US $ 2,664,903,463.


Dash is the fifth, with a total of US $ 1,588,211,952. Its unit value is high, around $ 214.31.

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