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written by Nathan Robinson December 8, 2019

Bitcoin currency exchange is a convenient solution for novice participants of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin exchange should be safe and easy to use. The ability to quickly receive purchased bitcoins on your wallet will be an advantage. The formalities when buying bitcoins should be minimal, adapted to the ideology of cryptocurrencies and decentralization. The bitcoin exchange on the Bitcoin.pl portal meets all the above criteria. As part of a single transaction, you can buy bitcoins up to PLN 1,000 without registration. Just use BLIK fast payments and enter your email address.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchange enables the purchase and sale of bitcoins from other platform users. The rate is set in real time, based on the purchase and sale offers, i.e. demand and supply. It is a good solution for people who, in addition to trading bitcoin, want to have access to other digital assets in one place.


CoinDeal is one of the leading platforms for trading cryptocurrencies in Europe, behind which is a Polish team of specialists. CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange with low commissions, a friendly user interface and 24/7 customer support. For absolute certainty that client funds are secure, 90% of funds are stored offline, i.e. out of the reach of hackers. In addition, the CoinDeal bit coin cryptocurrency exchange has its own token (CDL), used to reduce the commission to buy / sell digital assets on the exchange. How to register on the CoinDeal market, you will learn from this article: LINK .

BitBay cryptocurrency exchange

BitBay is one of the most recognizable exchanges on the Polish market. Easy to use user interface, low margins and small spread are arguments for using BitBay . From the instructional video below, you will learn step by step the registration process on the BitBay exchange and how to quickly buy or sell BTC. If you prefer a written guide, use this link: LINK .

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