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How does bitcoin works?

written by Nathan Robinson November 11, 2019
history of bitcoin

Every bitcoin that you hold is transacted through computer file. These are stored in a “digital wallet” application on the smart phone. This can also be used in computers as software available for information transacting. You can share the coins with others too in an easy way. Every transaction that you make is recorded in a ledger which is termed as block chain. This is much helpful for looking into the history of bitcoin. You can also identify any theft that happens. As of now, there is no theft or hacking that has happened in bitcoin. Your money will be safe and secured when you hold them in terms of digital money.  Once you transact the currency at coinmarketcap. It is not possible to undo them. You can buy them using buy and sell options available on the internet. It is easier for you to check the wallet amount just by having real money. You are supposed to transfer bit coin value to the digital wallet, only then transactions happens. You cannot send the money directly to the other user. You are supposed to convert.

Selling things are so easy in bitcoins. You can ask the buyer to transact more through bitcoins also. There are many stores which accept bitcoins since they do not have any transactional charges as like taxes. If you hold computer, it is easy to create accounts and coins on them. You might hold different sum that makes rewarded with coins to have extra account saving without the help of traditional banks.

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