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Best Cheese Slicer Guide 2018

written by Nathan Robinson July 12, 2019

There are numerous and different cutting equipment in the market. Some are just necessities while others can simply make your work much easier. Read this guide and discover the best cheese slicer equipment that is designed purposely to make your work much easier:

Bellemain Adjustable Thick Cheese Slicer

Fancy fans of cheese now can do their cutting just at home in a much easier and faster way. The adjustable a stainless steel wire cutter allows making a uniform slice with a ¼ thickness. It is a remarkable cheese slicer that makes it easier to break burgers and sandwiches.

Currently, the most sophisticated cutting item in the market is a Bellemain cheese slicer. The reason for this claim is apparent. This tool is designed with a zinc alloy stronger material and attractive to the eyes. With a Bellemain slicer, you guaranteed to slice your cheese without a hassle.

Prodyne 805B Thickness Beechwood Slicer

Prodyne was introduced in the list of catering equipment back in the year 1971. It is also the similar year that Gourmet came into existence. It was a moment that America needs a reliable cheese slicer with the inbuilt wire cutter at an affordable price. There is was introduced.

It is now years since it was introduced and currently there a massive good review from the customers who impressed and satisfied with its use. They’ve provided positive reviews regarding how this tool is important in dally catering activities. It is a legitimate item that they cannot live without.

eatrboxWestmark Germany Stainless steel Heavy Duty Cheese Slicer

The Germany-made Westmark slicer is commonly known for its remarkable craftsmanship of kitchen equipment. For over five years Westmark has break record in a production of reliable and convenient kitchen equipment. A diverse collection of these products from Westmark are practical, simple and easy to use in a kitchen.

Westmark slicing product is a reliable and convenient product that can be used by anyone. Westmark’s slicer is among the world’s top cheese slicer under the category of the best catering brands of kitchenware derived from website. Your hand’s holding tilt will determine a variation in a largeness of a slice.

OXO-Good-Grips Cheese Slicer

An Oxo Grip cheese slicer has absolutely made the slicing process much simpler and comfortable for the user with its consumable wires, It is easier to tight the steel wire when it is loose by using the currently fixed tension wheel. Its exceptional handle improves the ease of pulling the wire within a firm and medium cheese.

This cutting equipment is multipurpose in an essence that you can adjust your hand’s slant to alternate from a thin of the thick cheese slice. You shouldn’t be bothered when this wire wore out since it’s a system that comes with a replacement steel wire and safe dishwasher.

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