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A universe that has diversified

written by Nathan Robinson April 15, 2020
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Pokémon is 18 video games on different consoles. Obviously, there is the cartoon with 22 seasons and 1083 episodes which are told about the incredible adventures of Sasha the apprentice trainer.. Some are priceless today. Last August, an American collector sold at auction a “deck *” for almost 100,000 Euros! It makes you want to rummage in his little memory box .Other fanciful derivative products are marketed such as the Pokémon Monopoly, the big soft toys, the collectible figurines and even clothes. Released in 2016, the Pokemon Go smartphone game has just reached one billion downloads.

Any person  stopped playing “Pokémon Go” after three months? They carry on

Go two years after its resounding release. A person   happy to learn that  he is  not alone! I recently mentioned it to one of our dear colleagues and he was shocked – shocked – to learn that people were still playing it. Do you face the same type of reaction when people learn that you are playing it? Absolutely! Aside from you and a few colleagues at Slate, the only people I know who still play it are older lesbians – but hey, most of the people I hang out with outside of Slate are lesbians anyway.Of a certain age.

Pokemon go

And even if we older lesbians are on top of the trend, we are usually the only ones who realize it. Also, I wanted to say thank you for proving that there are also young people on top of the trend who still play Pokémon Go. buy pokemon go acount is not much costly .

But deep down, I think if I log into the app every day, it’s for the same reason as when I started playing. I downloaded Pokémon Go on the way home after saying goodbye to my 21 year old cat at the vet. For weeks, even months, the game served as a distraction to keep me from thinking too much about Sooky, something to focus on, now that I no longer had to get worry of my very old cat, whose wants had a lot of power on our life and the association of our apartment. Maybe quit the game would make  feel  good  like I was quit Sooky. And even two years afterward, I don’t feel similar to it. Pokemon Go is the go-to mobile application that is ask for for fans of the picture  which later includes playing cards and video games. This game permit a person  to catch and advance Pokemon

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