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The Advantage of Equipping Skorpion G In Wargaming

written by Nathan Robinson February 21, 2019

The rheinmetall skorpion g is one of the most played tank destroyers in the game of WOT. Inspired by the German tank-buster tier eight, its chassis comes with excellent mobility. It also has a flexible turret with a tier ten cannon which is great for high accuracy penetration. For a formidable war zone, this tank would be great equipment to use. This tank does not have that cooler-looking when compared to the rest of their class. Taking a look at its muzzle brake, the design is enough to make one wince. This tank could be your best buddy on the battlefield and would surely leave a mark on the map. If you are planning to equip this tank on your next fight, learn more about its characteristics.

The Skorpion G Characteristics

Tagged as the German tank destroyer by most players of WOT, this vehicle resembles the Grille 15. The world of tanks would offer you plenty of equipment but if you want a ragged war, this could be the best. The tank bears an open cabin and light hull giving you good mobility as well as the accurate and penetrating gun. See below the detailed characteristics of this tank:

  • Weaponry: 2,409.84 DPM
  • Mobility: Top speed 60 (km/h)
  • Armor: 30 / 16 / 20Turret armor (mm); 25 Track armor (mm)

During the beginning of each fight, you could pick the TD spot you think you could handle with your tank. Learning all the characteristics of this equipment would help you to decide on which zone to war on. This would also determine the gaps even on the minimap that you could somehow fight on. If you understand the gaps, then you could adjust your mobility to flank the enemy and put the pressure on. This tank suited for cleanup late during a match so, make sure to finish your business and make your way out. Don’t even plan to overextend yourself as you could end up in a spot trapped with no exit.

t-10 in WoT

Tanks’ Overall Performance

The Skorpion G comes with better mobility and accuracy, especially at inferior camouflage. It is also one of the best when it comes to gun handling and DPM. This tank has the mobility, penetration, and alpha damage that you most need on the wargaming. It even allows you to remain useful in tiers nine and ten battles. If you have this with a low armor tank, remember to pay special attention to not getting hit. For most cases, the hits you got would result in damage. Play the like a medium tank under circumstances and make sure to support your team. You could do this by striking at enemies and vehicles that are still reloading. Trading shots would also work especially with lower tier mediums with 75mm guns. But, snapshots might not work since its dispersion values are not that good. Always aim the gun especially if you are stuck reloading for seconds.

The Main Advantage

The Skorpion G tank has a 128 mm gun, which is great for aiming far distance and accurate fires. Its gun could also deal an average of 460 HP of damage with AP shells. But, you need to bring with you special shells to share them with your enemies in each battle. Remember that the gun usually reloads within eleven seconds at most without a rammer. Thus, when using this tank, always spend your time wisely. Hide from the enemy and always look around to be able to change position if necessary. Keep a good better shot for the next attacks, so be quick in your moves.

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