written by Nathan Robinson November 11, 2020

From the makers of League of Legends, this newly launched PC game has taken over the Internet by a storm. On account of it being highly competitive and rank based, this multiplayer first-person shooter game, has a learning curve to it. For newcomers, to get a firm grasp on the game, some tips and tricks are essential to get them a Valorant Boost.

Unlike other shooter games, this game is slightly high on the difficulty level. It requires a precision of aim, smart ability usage, map knowledge and communication skills to get ahead in the game.

It may take time and efforts over a period of time to get you to that level. However these efforts are worthwhile and highly rewarding in the long run. Here are a few pointers to help you achieve your desired goal.

  • Communicate/Cooperate with your team.

In this game even the most anti-social game player has to somehow communicate efficiently with their teammates to help maintain a smooth play. Keeping you team informed and issuing a few direct command here and there is crucial to help you get that win.

  • Stop to shoot.

Even the most skilled players are unable to shoot in motion. Such shots have a high chance of missing and losing you some much needed points. Add to the fact that this game requires some amount of focus and precision, its better to always stop and then aim to shoot.

  • Hide those footsteps.

Continuously running all over the place makes too much noise and ruckus, giving away your location to the enemies hunting you. This js important, especially when you are trying to stay undercover. Walk slowly when needed to hide your footsteps as and when needed.

  • Utilize those abilities efficiently.

This is pretty clear cut, your abilities need to be used effectively to get you out of those tight spots. But of course use them only in a way that it does not affect your teammates in any way especially while using smoke grenades, flashbacks and wall-bangs and such.

  • Keep that knife out.

Now this one’s a hidden gem. When you’re sure of being in a safe zone, take out that knife and run faster to re-position. This can be a valuable counter attack in case an enemy has been planted at a site and you’re not nearby.

  • Blast those walls.

If you know of an enemy hiding behind walls do not hesitate to shoot through them or wall-bang when required. Make sure you anticipate their position as correctly as possible or might end up burning through your ammo. But even if you manage to get in a few shots, it might help get down there health drastically. Sometimes the walls are too thick to shoot through, so make sure to aim at thinner walls if you don’t want to end up giving your location away.

  • Choose the best agents.

This might require a little research and practice but try choosing smartly when it comes to the agents. Five of the commonly high ranked agents include :

  1. Breach
  2. Cypher
  3. Omen
  4. Sova
  5. Brimstone
  • Choose the best weapons.

Similarly choosing and maybe even buying the best guns and weapons is a complete game changer. The Phantom tips the Vandal as the best assault rifle slightly. The Ghost is a great pistol and the Operator a best option for a sniper rifle and if you can afford it, The Judge is an excellent choice when it comes to strong short range shooting.

Ultimately a combination of all these tips along with a lot of other skills, time and patience is needed to rank high. If you are serious about the game and are determined then follow these efficiently and don’t give up, and you might just become a Valorant Pro!

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