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Wanna play earn to die 3? Here are the controls

written by Nathan Robinson July 4, 2019
play earn to die 3

Earn To Die 3 is an intriguing spin-off of the Earn To Die arrangement. The game gives a few redesigns and accomplices to your vehicle so you continue driving and achieve new stages rapidly.

There are not many controls in the earn to die 3 and you will almost certainly play it serenely. Utilize the Up Arrow key to quicken. The tilting of the vehicle can be constrained by utilizing the Left and Right Arrow keys. The ‘X’ or ‘J’ keys can be utilized for enacting the promoter planes for your vehicle.

earn to die 3

  • The game starts with $25 Cash and a starter vehicle. With the measure of in-game money that you have, you can buy few overhauls for your vehicle. The most significant update that you ought to do in the start of the game is to get a huge fuel tank with the goal that you can drive for more. The more you drive, the more you will almost certainly slaughter the zombies, and it will at that point lead to more Cash!
  • Your starter vehicle can be improved with the beneath recorded overhauls. These overhauls are just for your underlying vehicle:
  • Motor: The 4.0L V6 Engine is as of now introduced in your vehicle. You can open the 4.5L V8 Engine for $35 and the 5.5L V8 Turbo Engine for $110.
  • Gearbox: The 4-Speed Gearbox is available in your vehicle and you have to open the other ground-breaking gears by spending Cash. The 5-Speed Gearbox can be acquired for $40 and the 6-Speed Gearbox can be purchased for $125.
  • Wheels: Your present vehicle has the R18 HT Wheels. The other two wheels that can be opened are R20 AT Wheels and the R22 MT Wheels. These can be obtained for $20 and $75 separately.
  • Zombie Kit: Unlock a few Blades for murdering the zombies in a flash at the cost of $100.
  • Firearm: The Light Machine Gun can be purchased for $80.
  • Lift: Purchase the Twin Propeller at a cost of $60.
  • Fuel: You can include some fuel in the start of the game with the goal that your vehicle keeps running for more. The fuel can be purchased for $3, $5, $10, etc.

Keep a track on the fuel, as the minute it gets over you should begin with a similar level ideal from the earliest starting point.

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