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Is it possible to remove the epoxy floor?

written by Nathan Robinson November 24, 2021

One might think that, prevailing a substance with a homogeneous configuration, epoxy floors will be lasting, nothing more distant from fact. The reality is that, while strong and strong, they want to be tougher when there are mistakes in their request or when a ground repair is needed.

How to remove the epoxy floor?

A priori , removing an epoxy floor is neither easy nor cheap . Specialized equipment is required that can completely remove the topmost layer of flooring, which is achieved by completely smoothing the concrete floor epoxy floor paint.

There are several ways of removing epoxy . These depend on the conditions and, of course, the available budget.

Sanding , this operation is generally executed in floors with several imperfections, protection devices must be used against the dust generated during sanding.

The shot blasting , consists of equipment that by means of small grains of a resistant material, strikes and removes the top layer of the floor, requires an experienced operator in the field.

Milling , if you do not want to leave room for doubt, by means of milling the total elimination of the epoxy floor from the concrete is guaranteed , the indented discs utilizing this device leave a hard textureition standard for the application of modern substances on the treated assistance.

The resin floors  are a solution that combines a ‘ contemporary aesthetics , requiring techniques and practices . This in-depth analysis analyzes the characteristics , advantages and costs of resin for floors , which is increasingly being chosen for both industrial and commercial and residential environments.

Resistance, durability, numerous customizable variants : the  resin floor  seems to be the ideal solution for those who want to give a totally new touch to their home. All without having to spend an excessive amount. In this focus we will learn about the characteristics of resin floors , understanding the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of this material.

These are technological floors, such as microcement , solid surface , vinyl or laminate floors , with interesting characteristics of ease of application and maintenance, resistance and durability.

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