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Know all you need to know about IBC totes

written by Nathan Robinson January 12, 2022

IBC totes, also referred to as an intermediate bulk container, is an industrial-grade reusable container used to carry liquid and powder in bulk. It can be easily lifted by a forklift and transferred from one place to another. The kind of IBC totes that are strongly built and flexible are more preferred and used. The term “intermediate” is derived from the goods it carries in bulk, and these IBCs are usually of two volumes, i.e., 275 gallons and 330 gallons.

Uses of IBC totes

As mentioned above, the IBC totes are usually used to transport and store the following items: chemicals, solvents, pharmaceuticals, liquids, food ingredients, sand, etc. There are also areas where the use of these totes had never been done before nit have now been used, such as aquaponics, general bulk storage, etc. It is also a great way to store rainwater and helps a lot in rainwater harvesting. As it can accompany huge bulk of items, it can be a good container to contain rainwater.

These IBCs are used after considering a lot of factors. The first thing that is looked at is the IBC totes being used. Depending on its use, the material for the IBC is decided. It is also decided, considering whether it shall be reused or not. Some legal requirements are considered before deciding upon the material to be used for it.

Advantages of using IBC totes

The first and foremost advantage of using an IBC tote is that it is a cost-effective way of transporting an item from one place to the other. Few totes are of the perfect size, which makes transporting them quite easier and convenient. There is also a valve at the base of these containers where one can attach a hose to facilitate the transfer of items from the box to other small containers for packaging. It also helps make the distribution and selling process simpler in the locality and quality all the legal requirements of that local area. These are even more effective and better than round tanks as more of these can occupy the same space.

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