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Tips To Build Screen Enclosures In Columbus, GA

written by Nathan Robinson November 14, 2021

Screen enclosures are a type of porch which have been covered with some windows or other materials to protect any undesirable objects to enter the porch. This generally gives a good outside view with protection. If you don’t have a screen enclosure then you should consider building screen enclosures in Columbus, GA.

If you don’t wish to hire a professional for building a screen enclosure then you may build it yourself. So, if you want to build screen enclosures in Columbus, GA then a guide is provided here in this article. For this, you will need a DIY screen enclosure kit that is readily available. You may also take materials similar to the kit and follow the instructions mentioned below.

The instructions meant to be followed:

  1. Dismantle kit and follow the parameters. Mark the area in which you want to put your enclosure.
  2. Remove the paper from that marked area where you have to set the timbers. The timbers cannot be set in the pavers so add some crushed gravel base and put the timbers.
  3. Start assembling the porch framing. Make sure that the framing is fit in the area that is to be enclosed.
  4. Install the top corners and front corners. Now this will create support. This will be of a framework of the screen and closure.
  5. Cut the extra angles and Timber that is not used.
  6. Add extra support to the structure that is made.
  7. Hang the doors and glasses. Install the mounting screens.
  8. Now put the roof on it. And this is to have your screen enclosures structure is ready.

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the outside view without any disturbance and hindrance. If you are not comfortable doing this then you can ask a professional carpenter to do this duty for you. If you want more hassle-free work then you must hire a professional service for screen enclosures. Screen enclosures are very beneficial because they protect you from every external force such as extreme wind, rain, scorching heat, insects, etc. get your porch modified today.

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