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What are hard floors and how to clean them

written by Nathan Robinson November 15, 2021

Floors differ according to the material they are made of and can be classified into hard floors, resilient floors, resin floors, parquet, laminate floors and textile floors.

Each floor has its own fundamental characteristics to know in order to choose the ideal type of treatment for their cleaning and maintenance. Wewill take care of giving you information about hard floors, what they are, what their characteristics are and we will provide you with tips for cleaning them commercial disinfectant cleaning services in Long Island.

Marble floors

Marble is the most used stone in construction for the construction of floors and walls. Its formation derives from the crystallization process of calcium carbonate together with some minerals that give the marble its characteristic color.

Its frequent use in construction is certainly due to its aesthetic qualities such as brightness , but also to other notable characteristics such as resistance to abrasions and impacts and its durability over time.

Ceramic floors

Ceramic is one of the most popular materials for wall coverings – especially in bathrooms and kitchens – and for flooring.

To date, there are different types of ceramic tiles : single- fired , clinker and porcelain stoneware.

The single-fired tiles are inexpensive tiles, versatile and robust. These tiles have quite small dimensions, generally consist of a square of 15 or 20 cm, and are mass-produced by means of a pressing process, which is followed by treatment with a protective varnish on which the decorations are imprinted.

The klinker are tiles made exclusively by industrial processing. The tiles are obtained through a long firing of the clay at a temperature of 1250 ° until it is partially melted. The result of the processing is a type of hard, compact and very wear-resistant tile. Precisely for these reasons the clinker are considered outdoor floors, as they are mainly used for the flooring of balconies or public places.

The porcelain stoneware is considered regenerated clay since it derives from a synthesizing process for various types of ground clay cooked at high temperatures in order to obtain a waterproof tile, solid and wear-resistant. There are two variants of porcelain stoneware on the market: natural stoneware which looks very similar to marble and glazed stoneware which is covered with a layer of glaze that can take on different colors and decorations.

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