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Effectiveness of classic massage

written by Nathan Robinson April 2, 2023
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Several studies have been conducted in order to evaluate the real effectiveness of classical massage in a clinical setting . Some of these have given positive results and confirmed part of the benefits attributed to this technique. The real effectiveness of the massage also depends on some essential conditions:

the technical preparation of the massage therapist

the conditions under which the massage is performed

the position of the patient and the therapist

the type of pathology facial in Bayonne, NJ

the duration of the cycle of treatments and of the single treatment

Classical massage usually does not present particular contraindications . However, it should be considered that in some situations, for example in the case of injuries and pathologies such as feverish states, inflammation, heart disease and infectious diseases, it should be avoided .

There are also areas forbidden to massage , as their treatment could be annoying or harmful: all the bony prominences and points of outcrop of vascular, nervous and lymphatic organs, in addition of course to the organs.

Characteristics of a good masseur

The masseur therapist must necessarily possess optimal psycho-physical qualities and acquire, through training and practice, good dexterity and good coordination, to better dose the force.

A good mental and moral balance is also important, as a sort of intimacy is often created between patient and therapist. So it is essential to have a lot of discretion and respect to allow as much as possible to make the patient feel at ease


As anticipated, classic massage is also known as ” Swedish massage ” mainly in Holland, Hungary and English-speaking countries. Strange but true, in Sweden it is simply known as ” classic massage “. Other names with which this massage technique is indicated are: ” traditional standard massage “, ” classical western massage ” or ” western basic massage “.

Standard traditional massage is currently the most popular form of manual therapy in Europe. It is performed by masseurs or therapists with specific training. It is also one of the first massage techniques that is taught to those who want to become a professional masseur, as its maneuvers are then found in many other massage techniques .

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