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Mammography: Everything You Ought To Know

written by Nathan Robinson November 23, 2022
mammography in West Orange, NJ

Mammography in West Orange, NJ is a process, where low-vitality x-ray beams are used to pass through breast tissues to diagnose and inspect human breasts.

The primary objective of using mammography is for early detection of cancer cells in breast tissues, after physically recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer, such as breast mass and micro-calcifications simply known as lumps.

Why is Mammography Performed?

As mentioned earlier Mammography is Performed in order to detect any unusual growth of lumps, breast mass, or even breast cancer. It can be used both for screening and diagnostic purposes to find any irregularities in the breast.

Screening Mammography

It is used to identify any subtle or major changes in a female breast. The objective of screening Mammography is for the early discovery of breast cancer.

Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic Mammography is Performed for the very purpose of breast cancer research. Such as breast irregularities, the appearance of unusual skin, nipple thickening, and so on. Unlike screening Mammography, diagnostic Mammography utilizes extra Mammogram pictures to evaluate the issues and conditions.

How Mammography is Performed?

The individual is required to stand in front of the x-ray machine while the technologist will place one of the breasts over a plate. By making necessary adjustments so the x-ray beams perfectly align with the breast, another plate will be used to press the breast from the top, so it stays stable. Once everything is in the right place, the technologist will emit the x-ray beams to scan the breast. The other breast will be subjected to the same procedure as well.

Here are a few facts that you should know about Mammography.

  • It is a painless process that usually ends in 20-30 minutes.
  • Fasting is not necessary before the Mammography
  • You should opt for a digital mammogram scan, as they tend to be much more efficient as the x-rays are kept stored in a computer database.
  • For women crossing 50 years, an occasional mammogram test is mandatory every 2 years

Mammography is a process that has been proven highly effective when it comes to detecting unusual ailments in the breast. It has been found in research that occasional mammography tests have prevented 7 out of 10 deaths from breast cancer.

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