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Check these guidelines for selecting toys for 1-year-olds

written by Nathan Robinson September 11, 2022
toys for 1-year-olds

When selecting 1 year old toys, it’s vital to consider their age aside from their phase of development. Different stages mean various skills or ways to interact with and enjoy a toy. Parents want to give their children the best things that will not only make them delightful yet will aid in their growth. Thus, they can learn while still experiencing fun. As toddler starts to become curious and explore different things, parents want to know more about which one is ideal for their toddler.

The best toys for one-year-olds develop motor skills, offer sensory enrichment, and promote language learning. The playthings and toys your child has available to them can shape their development in a lot of ways.

1 year old toys

Check these guidelines for choosing toys for 1-year-olds


  • Look for toys that will age with your child
  • You can protect your child by considering toys that can be in different growing stages and be fun. Some examples are action figures, plastic toy animals, trains, toddler-friendly dollhouses, and stuffed animals.
  • Look for toys that ignite your child’s imagination
  • The creativity of your child takes off as they can now take on the duty of someone else. And begin to imagine things that are something else. Search for toys that your child can act out or develops stories. Pretend play builds literacy and language skills, problem-solving skills, and also the ability to sequence. Like boxes become pirate ships, houses, tunnels, barns, and your child’s imagination can come up with.
  • Look for toys that encourage cross-generational play
  • While children and adults can play with almost anything together, several toys are made for adult participation. Board games encourage matching, memory skills, listening skills, counting, and self-control. Another great benefit is teaching children to be well-mannered and how to cope with losing.
  • Consider toys that promote your child to be active
  • Toddlers are doing various kinds of physical tricks as they become more confident and stronger with their bodies. You have to be an applauding audience for your little one’s latest playground achievement. Look for toys that develop current physical skills and discover new ones.

Check these toys for your toddler


  • Teytoy Zoo Series Soft Alphabet Cards
  • Letter recognition and motor-skill development are some of the skills that this vibrant package inspires. The cloth carrying bag’s soft snaps and handles make it easy for their youngest to tote it with confidence.
  • Wee Baby Stella
  • Baby dolls can make wonderful companions and toys. Because they let kids at this age see some of their needs.
  • Grimm’s Spiel and Holz Small Rainbow
  • These toys are as pleasantly crafted wooden puzzle toys and stacking that is satisfying to look at as they’re fun to play with. It’s a cheery and lovely object that you can choose that will stay for a longer time.

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