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What is a bicycle bell?

written by Nathan Robinson April 8, 2022
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The development of cycling equipment has come a long way from traditional wind chimes to electric bells that can be set to different sounds or even a song, as desired. Modern versions of the bicycle bell work on the principle of pressing: the lever is pressed, which, in turn, straightens and strikes the bell, thereby making a sound so buy bike bells online. Since cyclists are full participants in the road, they must, according to the traffic rules, give warning sounds.  By means of a bell, a cyclist can warn pedestrians or other road users of his intentions.

Modern bicycle bells divide

  • percussion bell (classic);
  • klaxon;
  • email call.

 Impact bicycle bell

This is the simplest percussion mechanism that is located inside the case and strikes its walls.  The optimal shape of the bicycle bell body and the necessary force of the percussion mechanism are selected to produce a loud sound of a certain tone.

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The horn-type bicycle bell can now only be found on chinldren’s and teenage bicycles, but was previously used for adults as well.  The principle of operation of the horn is simple – when you press on the pear, the air passes through the “tweeter”, which emits sound vibrations.  To enhance the effect, a bell is used, it increases the power of the sound.

Electronic bicycle bell

An electronic call contains a sound generator, which is amplified and sent to the speaker.  In an electronic call, a wide range of sounds is used – from a siren to fragments of musical works.  The sources of power for the electronic bell are batteries, accumulators or a bicycle electricity generator. It happens that a bicycle bell is made in the form of a beautiful stylish accessory.

 Safety on the road, whether by car or bicycle, is extremely important.  Therefore, when it comes to traffic safety, the question arises of installing a bicycle bell.  It is used to alert other road users to your presence and approach.

 These devices will help the cyclist avoid accidents.  Cycling is enjoying a resurgence in many cities around the world, and with it, bells are making a comeback.Always be vigilant when driving down a street full of pedestrians.  Pedestrians usually don’t pay attention to other road users, especially when it comes to cyclists.  They usually hear cars, but not bikes.  Especially in our time, when the views of most people are riveted to smartphones.

Bicycle bells are familiar to many pedestrians, and one or two bells on a quiet street are enough to alert everyone to your presence.  On the other hand, driving on noisy city streets requires the use of loud horns so that car drivers can hear you too.

A bicycle bell is used to attract attention so that you can be seen on the road.  Many manufacturers, especially in the budget segment, offer pre-installed chimes, but horns are rare on performance bikes.

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