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Get to know all about the neuro MRI in New Jersey

written by Nathan Robinson June 15, 2022
neuro MRI in New Jersey

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a non-invasive examination that generates comprehensive pictures of the body’s structures using a magnet and radio waves. Its brain, spine, neck, face, neuro MRI in New Jersey, and nervous system are all examined with a Neuro MRI. This form of MRI is utilized to aid in the diagnosis of central nervous system illnesses. You can trust that our state-of-the-art MRI equipment and highly trained Radiologists will give you a thorough report that will lead to an official diagnosis.

The Atlantic Healthcare System Neuroscience department offers neuro magnetic resonance (MRI), which employs a magnetic field and radio wave energy pulses to create photos and films of systems and tissues within the body. An MRI scan can often reveal information that an x-ray, ultrasonography, or computer tomography (CT) scan cannot. The part of the body under analysis is positioned on the inside of a powerful magnetic field during an MRI test. Trauma, infection, inflammation, and tumors can all produce changes in the usual structure and features of organs and other tissues, which can be seen with an MRI. An MRI scan’s data can be retained for future research.

A dye may be administered in during an MRI scan to improve the images of particular structures in some circumstances. The contrast substance may be used to assess blood flow, identify malignancies, and pinpoint inflammatory regions. If they deal directly with both the imaging center, you might be able to get a better discount on your brain scan if you pay cash. This is because they will not be dealing with your insurance carrier. However, rather than assuming that this option will be available, inquire about that as well.

When is it appropriate to have a brain scan?

Seizures, fuzzy vision, dizziness, muscular weakness, poor speech, gradual hearing problems, and headaches are all symptoms that should be addressed as soon as possible. A brain scan may be recommended by your doctor. When you’re asked to just get a brain scan, it’s natural to assume the worst. However, neuro MRI in New Jersey patients should be aware that a medical examination can provide your healthcare team with a clear picture of potential issues and allow you to get a head start on therapy.

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